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MailList & Address Book

Easily Mange Your Mail List and Address Book

  • Manage contact and address information
  • Create address books & phone lists
  • Print labels, envelopes & post cards
  • Easily import data
  • Perfect for home and business

MailList & AddressBook is perfect for organizing your names, addresses and other contact information. Easily import data from other popular databases. Quickly print out reports, address lists, labels, postcards, and envelopes. Improve mailings by choosing from 2.5 million photos and images. Sending mass-mailings was never so easy.

3 Easy Steps To Managing
Your Mail List

1. Enter Begin with the formatted address template and edit or add field names to meet your specific needs. Enter data directly or import data from other popular programs.

2. Organize Find records with just a click of a button. Easily sort and remove duplicate records. Perform an advanced search on field names.

3. Print Output information to address labels, envelopes, postcards, rolodex cards, address books and reports.

  • Record index makes finding any record quick and easy
  • Count the number of records with a specific value
  • Create custom fields in drop down, pop-up and checkbox formats
  • Keep notes of important customer information
  • Sort data on up to three different fields