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Avanquest USA, LLC is dedicated to providing small businesses and individuals with the highest possible level of service. To do this, we sometimes need to collect information about you and your business. Because we want to assure you of our commitment to your privacy, we have chosen to disclose our policy regarding the collection of your personal information and our use of it.

Who is collecting the information?
When you register a product, your information is collected and stored by Avanquest USA, LLC. We have sole ownership of the information and take every measure to ensure that no other entity has access to it. When you sign up to receive the SOHO Insider, our email delivery partner, collects and stores your information on their secure network. Per our agreement with them, they will not share your information with any other entity.

What information is being collected?

How will the information be used?
Your information will be used only to help us provide better service to you. This includes our internal analysis of who our customers are and what their needs are as well as delivery of information by email as requested by each individual customer.

What choice do you have regarding the use of your information?
When you provide us with any personal information, you have the option to specify how that information will be used. We will always ask you to opt in for any use of the information and will never use it in ways for which you have not provided authorization.

Who will have access to your information?
Avanquest USA, LLC will provide 3rd parties such as our partners with access to your information only when you have specifically requested that we do so. Otherwise, Avanquest USA, LLC has sole access to your information. Avanquest USA, LLC may release account or other information when it believes, in good faith, that the release is reasonably necessary to (i) comply with the law, (ii) enforce or apply the terms of any of our user agreements or (iii) protect the rights, property or safety of Avanquest USA, LLC., its employees, our users or others.

Will we append any data collected online with data collected offline or vice versa?
No. Avanquest USA, LLC does not append online and offline data. Any information provided online will be used only in the context of other information provided to us by you online.

Is the requested information voluntary or required?
Information that is required will always be marked as so in the form in which you provide the information. Avanquest USA, LLC does require certain information to complete the registration process for a number of products

What are the consequences of not providing the requested information?

What steps have we taken to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and quality of your information?
Avanquest USA, LLC protects all of your information by both keeping its servers and databases physically secure and encrypting the information on them. All Avanquest USA, LLC. employees are aware of our privacy and security policies, and are dedicated to upholding the strictest compliance with these policies. Your information is only accessible to those employees who need it in order to respond to your inquiries.

How do you unsubscribe from our mailing lists?
Every email you receive from Avanquest USA, LLC will contain an unsubscribe link. Simply click on the link and confirm that you wish to unsubscribe and you will be immediately removed from that list.

How do you access your personal information and correct inaccuracies?
You can access your personal information and make requests for changes to it by emailing us at

How do you redress violations of our privacy policy?
You may send any complaints or questions to or you may contact an outside party to address your concerns.