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Product Overview

PhoneTools® eXPert

Integrate Your Communication Tools with
One Application

  • Telephone
  • Internet Phone
  • Answering Machine
  • Fax
  • Internet Fax
  • Speaker Phone
  • Video Phone
  • Email
  • Phonebook Management

PhoneTools® eXPert is the industry standard for communication software. Optimize your communication needs with PhoneTools eXPert's powerful phone, fax and email features. Integrate and directly access all your communication functions from one easy-to-use interface. Save up to 75% on phone bill costs by calling and faxing over the Internet.

Telephone/Answering Machine
Enjoy the benefits of a hands-free telephone and voice or video answering machine on your PC.

  • Choose one of the many welcome messages or record your own individual messages
  • Receive notifications of new messages on your mobile phone or by fax while you are traveling
  • Call directly from your phonebook with just 1 click
  • PhoneTools eXPert automatically memorizes the phone numbers you call most frequently

Reduce your phone bill by calling over the Internet.

  • Call from PC to PC (Microsoft® NetMeeting compatible) anywhere in the world using your existing Internet connection with no additional costs regardless of the call destination
  • Call from PC to a traditional telephone* and save up to 75% on costs as compared with your local telephone provider

Organize, manage and send your faxes. PhoneTools eXPert seamlessly integrates with any Windows application.

  • Receive faxes by email
  • Fax documents directly from any Windows application or your scanner
  • Add file attachments when sending a fax
  • Edit and personalize your fax cover pages
  • Insert handwritten signatures on fax documents
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) converts received faxes into editable text
  • Send out multiple fax mailings simultaneously

Save up to 70% on your phone bill by sending and receiving your faxes over the Internet.

  • Send faxes to multiple recipients simultaneously transmissions quickly
  • Send faxes anywhere in the world using the Internet
  • Eliminates the need for a fax line

Multiple Email Account Access
Access all of your personal and business email accounts in one place. PhoneTools eXPert eliminates the need to switch between two separate applications.

  • Select the email account to use
  • Choose your email recipient form the phonebook feature
  • Add file attachments and your handwritten signature

Phonebook Management
PhoneTools eXPert manages all your contact information, enabling you to communicate with greater ease and effectiveness.

  • Directly access your Microsoft Outlook® or Outlook Express contact information
  • Attach a photograph to each contact

Video Conferencing - NEW!

Access the Internet on your PC by using your mobile phone as your modem. Perfect for the anybody who travels or is away from the office.

  1. Save Time and Money: Communicate with clients and friends throughout the world from your office without traveling.
  2. Keep Records: Record your videoconferences for archival or redistribution purposes.
  3. Create a Video Welcome Message: Answer calls with a personalized video welcome message, as you would do with your voice answering machine.

Use your Web Cam to film your welcome message.