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System Requirements

Bookkeeper™ 2005

Manage Your Banking

  • Easily create bank accounts
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Schedule payments and get reminders when they're due
  • Split checks against multiple jobs and accounts
  • Search by date range, memo and more
  • Void and stop checks quickly and easily

Manage Billing & Invoicing

  • Track invoices and bills until paid
  • Choose from 3 types of invoices: Professional, Service and Product
  • NEW !  Create estimates & turn them into invoices in one click
  • Add shipping information and custom messages to your invoices
  • Apply single or partial payment across multiple invoices
  • Apply specific credits to specific invoices

Process Payroll in Minutes

  • Use flexible pay periods: weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly
  • Easily handle salary and hourly employees
  • Automatically calculate FICA, federal, state and local** taxes
  • Print W-2's, 940s and 941 quarterly information
  • Link employee records to specific wage expense accounts
  • Track vacation and sick time

     ** Some local tax rates must be entered manually

Job & Project Tracking

  • Manage multiple jobs simultaneously
  • View jobs & projects quickly and easily
  • Choose from 4 types of status levels: proposed, in progress, completed, closed

Manage POs & Inventory

  • Purchase goods and supplies and track their inventory levels
  • Receive goods against open purchase orders
  • Set minimum inventory reorder levels

Detailed Reporting

  • Choose from 95 reports
  • Customize reports by date range and more
  • Export reports to csv and txt formats