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DataBase Professional

The Easiest Way to Enter, Organize and Share Information

  • 2 licenses included
  • Easy network setup
  • 30 database templates
  • Simple customization
  • Contact management
  • 100 assorted reports
  • Envelope and label output
  • Personalized email
  • Admin security
  • Backup & restore

DataBase Professional is a powerful, yet easy-to-use database application that lets multiple users enter, organize and share important information, all at the same time. Choose from 30 database templates or easily create a customized database to fit your needs. Quickly create reports, address lists, envelopes, rolodex cards and more. Keeping your business connected was never so easy.

Get Started Quickly

Keeping your business connected just got easier! DataBase Professional allows multiple users to simultaneously access and update the same data. And installing DataBase Professional doesn't take a network specialist or an expensive consultant. You can easily install the program yourself…

  1. Install the program on your desktop
  2. Create a folder on your shared network
  3. Save your database file in a shared folder
  4. Direct co-workers to the file in the shared folder. Everyone can view and update the data at the same time
  5. Back-up and restore your data with just a click of a button

Enter & Print in 3 Easy Steps

1. Select a database. Choose from 30 databases to organize all your information including contacts, customers, friends, company data and home information.

2. Enter information. Import data from most popular databases or let the field names guide you through data entry. Locate records in seconds. Easily sort and remove duplicates.

3. Print. View information in a report, or output data to a label, envelope or card.

Perform calculations
Let the database do the math for you. Calculated fields allow you to perform a calculation on multiple number fields. View totals within the template or print to a report.

Create a drop down menu
Ensure data is consistent by creating a drop down menu. Simply enter the field name and then specify the list values.

Keep a history
Use the notes table to keep track of information, conversations, and to-do items. Enter a reminder date in the date field and print a follow-up report.