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In-A-Flash Animation Suite

Create Flash Animations Like a Pro

Easily Create

  • Flashy Website Intros
  • Dynamic Banner Ads
  • Multimedia Emails
  • PowerPoint Integration
  • Animated Photo Albums
  • Rich Media ScreenSavers

In-A-Flash let's you combine images, graphics, text and audio into rich interactive flash animations. Design customized web intros, marketing banners & advertisements, email greeting cards and animated photo albums. Flash animations use to require expensive programs and professional developers. With In-A-Flash anybody can create flash animations in minutes.

Easy-To-Use Interface

  • Add scenes, images, text, graphics and audio with just a click of a button
  • Change scene sequence by dragging and dropping to desired position
  • Easily change position, size, color and motion by moving between tabs
  • Make changes and view them immediately in the scene window

Design Scenes

The In-A-Flash intuitive interface let's you create scene by scene. Easily reorganize by dragging and dropping. Add items with just a click of a button. Browse through tabs to change colors, position, rotation and links.

  • Specify text font, size, color and motion
  • Position, rotate and move images and graphics.
  • Create links on both text and graphics
  • Add audio in WAV & MP3 formats
  • Specify scene duration

Add Motion

In-A-Flash lets you move text, images and graphics in a variety of ways. Specify the start and end position. Begin in one color and finish in another. Choose from over a dozen different motions: Bounce, Drift to, center, Expand, Fade in/out, Flip, Pan right/left, Rotate, Stretch, Shake, Twist, Wave, Wiggle, Zoom in/out
Zig-zag and more…