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MyMailList Deluxe

Easily Manage Your Mail List & Address Book

  • Manage Contact Records
  • Print Labels, Envelopes & Post Cards
  • Create Address Books & Form Letters
  • Add Zip+4 Codes
  • Insert USPS Barcodes
  • Presort for Bulk Mailings
  • Import Database Files
  • Send Personalized Emails
  • Supports Avery®, NEBS® & Custom Labels
  • FREE 100 Customer Leads from InfoUSA

This award-winning product saves you over 50% on bulk mail postage by maximizing on postal discounts, even for mailings as small as 200 pieces. Easily organize, print and send mailings, or emails, to your customers, prospects, potential donors and others. No data entry required! Import and directly open most database files.

Select From Over 20 Mailing Templates

  • Prospects
  • Clients
  • Contacts
  • Employees
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Membership
  • International
  • Basic to complex

    …And More

Import your data from popular databases.

Import your data from Microsoft® Outlook™, Excel®, Access® & Visual FoxPro®, ACT™ and more. Also, the data entry screen makes entering new information easy and organized.

  • Card index makes finding any record quick and easy

  • All fields can be completely customized

  • Keep notes of imporrtant customer information

Customize Mailings With Easy-to-Use Design Tools

  • Insert fields from your database
  • Add formatted mailing addresses
  • POSTNET-Certified barcoding
  • Zip+4 addressing improves the accuracy of your mail delivery
  • Insert company logo or personal graphic
  • Add return address
  • Shrink-to fit font sizing
  • Create new fields in your design and they are automatically added to the database
  • Add a checkbox, notebox and listbox

Send Personalized Emails

Highlight an important event or message by sending a personalized email to specific contacts or your entire email list with one click. Send up to 1,000 emails per hour.

  • Create and save email messages
  • Easily add your targeted email message
  • Personalize emails by inserting fields from your mail list
  • Information automatically populates field when sending your email
  • Include subject line
  • Spell check and preview your email