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Nothing says "Well done!" better than positive feedback from our users. Read what satisfied customers have to say about our products, and find out what we can do to help you satisfy your software needs.

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MyMailList & AddressBook

"MyMailList was an essential component of helping my company keep track of existing customer and potential customer. Its an easy and low cost way to do database marketing."
- David Bias, West End, NC

"MyMailList was an essential component of helping my company keep track of existing customer and potential customer. Its an easy and low cost way to do database marketing."
- Carlton Osborne, Fremont, CA

"MyMailList&Address Book. This is pretty cool software. It has allowed me to send emails to hundreds of customers and project myself as being one of the 'big boys' that email blast millions. Thanks."
- Nathan Wiggins, Hawthorne, NV

"I bought my MyMailList&AddressBook about 2 months ago. We are a small business with about 23 employees in 2 stores. We have used mailing companies and they work well, but using your product has increased our turn around times, given us greater control and saved us money. We now do short run as well as larger mailings and the different layouts you provide makes doing mailings very simple. The program was easy to learn and after I learned it, I showed a part time employee so now we try to get a short run mailing out every other day. I am starting to see the results. It was much easier than having to learn mail merge in excel and word and figuring out how to do the labels and envelopes. It is all right there with your product, very reasonable price also. I have showed it to other non-competing businesses and 2 others went out and bought it. Thanks and good job."
- John Doyle, Ardsley, NY

"Hello and thank you for giving me this opportunity to tell you what a great product the MyMailList & AddressBook has been for me. Two years ago I had just started using computers for the first time, it was just after Christmas and the local office supply store had several Holiday software markdowns. They had a few copies of the MyHolidayMailList reduced and I thought about how that would have made my Christmas mailing so much easier, but being new to the PC world I thought that this would probably take forever to learn how to use it. Wow was I wrong. I bought a copy, figuring for $5 bucks what do I have to lose. I Brought it home installed it on my PC and began using it within minutes. 123EASY There is no way I want to ever do without MyMailList& AddressBook from MY SOFTWARE Thank You".
- Patricia Smith, Ft. Pierce, FL

"I am very happy with the ease of your products. I use the MailList and AddressBook (older version) and have over 2500 inserted and error-free... Great Product."
- Arnold W. Johnston Jr., Colchester, VT


"My Labels software has been a real time-saver, worrysaver and worksaver. We had our first child one year ago. Since this time there have been countless times we have relied on the label maker to address our return as well as address labels. We can't tell you how easy and efficient the program is! We have used labels to address family and friends as we sent our birth announcements, first month pictures, baptism pictures, 6-month pictures, Christmas cards and most recently one year pictures. Recently, I contacted customer service with a question. I received quick, helpful assistance! Thank you for such a great product at a great price! We also appreciate the online customer help as well."
- Kathleen Parker, Chicago, IL

"My Labels program has been a great time-saver for me in being able to quickly put together shipping labels for newly assigned accounts who haven't yet been set up by our master computer. It's also great for our returns department to be able to print up small lots of "custom" factory return labels. I used to struggle with a generic program we had on our master system and also with a more cumbersome competitive product to My Labels . I really enjoy your product for its versatility and user friendliness. Thanks."
- Chris Crittenden, Wichita, KS

"I run a video production company and use MyLabels every day because it's quick and easy. The great looking labels make my videotapes and packaging look very professional."
- Charles Lawler, Memphis, TN

"MyLabels was the first software I ever bought and helped me get my business going. Without it I'd have never got any marketing done."
- Bob Jones, Bartlett, IL


"I use MyTypeArtist all the time. Because of the size and spacing capabilities it is very useful in making text buttons and headings for web pages. It also has a great selection of type styles."
- Kindra Jankowicz, San Diego, CA

MyDeluxeInvoices & Estimates

"We have found MyDeluxeInvoicesandEstimates has served our needs with out a problem for almost two years now. We have in fact just gotten the new upgrade and look forward to getting it up and running soon. This program is easy to learn and use and gives us complete control on our billing needs for both our domestic and international customers."
- Ernie Fenn, Santa Cruz, CA

"Starting out with only a handful of customers, I managed invoicing using spreadsheets. As my customer base grew, My DeluxeInvoicesandEstimates helped me tremendously. Creating estimates, invoicing, tracking slow payments, sales reports, tax reports, is now a big time saver."
- Jeannie Tatum, Spring, TX

"I purchased this program about 8 months ago as I was starting up my business. It has been so easy to keep track of customer accounts. I am able to issue invoices at the click of a mouse. I can also track payments and invoices year to date for selected customers. After having tried other products, I am still amazed at how easy "MyDeluxeInvoicesandEstimates" is to use. Setting up customer accounts is very easy as well."
- C. Champagne, Boutte, LA

"I have been using "My Invoices & Estimates" for over two years now, and have been finally able to use my energy in producing my training materials and investing my time in writing instead of using word-processor invoices and spreadsheet checklists to control my invoices. Thanks a lot for saving me all the clutter in my desk!"
- Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes


"My Database is so easy to use. As a busy sales professional, I need access to critical information right away. I don't have the time or budget to setup and deploy a complicated product. With My Database, I was able to quickly create a customer account database on my own without paying an expensive, specialized programmer. The interface is simple and intuitive. It's powerful reports allow me to better understand my customer base. I'm answering questions in moments that were impossible from a file folder. I highly recommend this product."
- Paul Quiroga, Santa Clara, CA

"My Database was a perfect fit for my needs while working at the home office of a large retail chain. I need a simple and quick to use program to keep everything from appointment, names, addresses, top contacts, etc. The company had larger and more sophisticated software, but it was time consuming and difficult to get simple and quick info. Thanks for a great product."
- Craig Strickler, Casa Grande, AZ

MyProfessional BusinessCards

"I purchased your MyProfessionalBusinessCards - all my business cards are made by the software and I love it very much!"
- Peter Xia, Huntsville, AL


"I purchased 'My Personal CheckWriter' and I found it very useful. Not only am I able to keep track on my computer, but it also saves me money -- I don't have to buy my checks from the bank!"
- Scott Legassie, Brampton, Ontario

MyBusiness Publisher

Having just moved from Alabama to Tennessee. My need for contacts to get jobs was a must. My Business Publisher was just what it said: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS. With its business cards and brochures I have acquired lots of clients and best of all its very simple to use."
- Kevin Schlichting, Pigeon Forge, TN