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September 2000

Media Contacts:
Anne Norland, Elibrium Inc.
(415) 674-3344

For Immediate Release
September 25, 2000


Division Currently Serves Over 1.4 Million
Small Business Professionals

PALO ALTO, Calif. (September 25, 2000) - ClickAction™ Inc. (Nasdaq: CLAC), a leader in permission-based email marketing/e-messaging, announced today the launch of Elibriumú, a division of ClickAction formally known as MySoftware, which will provide small business professionals with effective Web-based solutions. Elibrium brands target small and medium size businesses and include Elibrium, MySoftware, MyProspects and eProspects. Elibrium's new Internet Business Solutions product line will be available through retail stores and on-line distributors in January 2001. Elibrium offers professionals access to state-of-the-art Internet business services with up to 200 percent more value than services previously available only via the Internet. This strategy offers Application Service Providers (ASPs) and other Internet-solution providers with access to millions of business customers.

Recently, at the RetailVision Fall 2000 event, Elibrium introduced its new name and Internet Business Solutions strategy. The response was overwhelmingly positive from both top retail customers and on-line distributors.

"Elibrium's Internet Business Solutions align perfectly with Staples' commitment to offer small business customers the most effective and innovative solutions for their business," said Jonathan Magasanik, senior vice president of merchandising at Staples.

Elibrium allows its Web-based partners the ability to reach retail customers that were previously difficult to acquire. Agillion Inc., an Elibrium partner, will offer their customer management solution as a packaged retail product. "Partnering with Elibrium extends Agillion's reach to the retail market offering us another distribution channel for our leading customer-focused solution," said Steve Papermaster, chairman and CEO of Agillion.

"Elibrium will continue to deliver a variety of solutions to our customers' challenges. A preferred method of purchasing for our 1.4 million small business customers is through retail stores and their web based counterparts. These professionals rely on retail for product options and education," said Christina Willett, vice president and general manager of Elibrium. "Additionally, our channel knowledge and strong brand recognition provide Internet companies with an effective customer acquisition venue."

"ClickAction's Elibrium division serves a rapidly growing market of 30 million small business professionals," said Gregory Slayton, president and CEO of ClickAction. "Lead by a deeply experienced management team, our Elibrium division is growing quickly and is highly profitable. It is also the first in the industry to offer this new sales channel to Internet partners, another promising market opportunity."