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December 2001

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For Immediate Release
December 4, 2001


MyLabels and MyLabels Premium Offers Professional Looking Results in Minutes

SAN MATEO, Calif. (Dec. 4, 2001)-Elibrium, Inc., a leading provider of productivity software and services, announced today the release of MyLabels and MyLabels Premium. These products give small businesses, home offices and families a simple, yet effective and creative way to prepare a wide variety of labels - from POSTNET-certified bar code mailing labels to festive holiday gift labels. MyLabels and MyLabels Premium are available at major computer and office supply retailers, with an estimated retail price of $19.95 and $39.95 respectively.

"At work and at home, small business owners and their employees need labels for mailing and identification purposes," said Anne Norland, senior vice president of marketing at Elibrium, Inc. "MyLabels and MyLabels Premium eliminates the difficult task of creating labels by hand and, step-by-step, helps even novices make great looking labels that meet their business and personal requirements. These products are especially useful during the upcoming holiday season when individuals and families look for creative, yet simple ways to transform ordinary gift packages, homemade jam jars and holiday cookie tins and mailing parcels with festive labels."

Users can either design their own labels or let the applications guide them to custom-made labels in minutes. MyLabels includes an assistant to walk them through the design process, and MyLabels Premium includes pre-designed label templates. Both software packages allow users to quickly enter addresses, text, images and objects, and easily add color as well as align and rotate text and shapes. Using the advanced color wheel, colors can be adjusted to reach the perfect hue. Software users can customize labels by importing logos and clipart, or select from 10,000 clipart images provided by MyLabels and 25,000 images offered by MyLabels Premium. Both let users create a background in seconds with the adjust-to-fit background feature. In addition, MyLabels provides 100 custom fonts and, with MyLabels Premium, 450 fonts.

MyLabels and MyLabels Premium offer an added time saving feature that allows users to import data from popular databases, including Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Access, dBase, Paradox, Approach, FoxPro and ACT. The feature eliminates the need for retyping mailing address information when creating return and shipping address labels.

All finished labels may be printed on stationery store-available Avery, NEBS and Paperdirect labels or custom designed paper stock.

About Elibrium
Based in San Mateo, California, Elibrium, Inc. provides productivity software and services that simplify home and business life. For over 14 years, customers have trusted Elibrium's leading brand, MySoftware, to help grow their businesses cost effectively. Elibrium empowers users by providing finance, mailing, design, labeling and information management tools to increase business efficiency through the Internet, personal computers and handheld devices. Since the introduction of its first title, the company has sold more than 20 million products. Elibrium's products and services are available at more than 7,000 outlets including leading retailers Staples, Office Depot, OfficeMax and CompUSA.

Elibrium was founded in 1987 as the MySoftware Company and went public in 1995. The company changed its name to ClickAction in 1998 marking its expansion into the e-mail marketing arena. The legacy software division was renamed Elibrium, reflecting its newest Internet-based applications. In June 2001, the management team of Elibrium completed a buyout of the division, giving birth to Elibrium, Inc. a privately owned company led by CEO and President Christina Willett. More information on Elibrium, its partners, products and services is available at

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