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July 2001

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For Immediate Release
July 9, 2001


Management Team of ClickAction's Elibrium Division Acquire Assets to Form Elibrium, Inc.

PALO ALTO, Calif. (July 9, 2001) - Elibrium, Inc., a leading provider of productivity software and services, announced that it has finalized the transaction to purchase the assets of the former Elibrium division of ClickAction Inc. The new corporation, Elibrium, Inc., will operate as a separate, privately owned company and will continue to provide quality productivity software and services at retail stores and over the Internet. Terms of the agreement include a minimum cash payment of $4.5 million to ClickAction. The closing of the transaction occurred on June 15, 2001.

Elibrium, Inc. was formed by the existing management team of the Elibrium division. This executive management team is made up of Christina Willett, President and CEO; Sharon Chiu, Chief Financial Officer; Anne Norland, Senior Vice President of Marketing; and Charles DeLacey, Senior Vice President of Business Development and General Counsel.

Formerly MySoftware®, Elibrium has developed and manufactured software products for more than 13 years. Since the introduction of their first software title in 1987, over 20 million products have been sold at over 7,000 retail locations nationwide. Building on the success of the MySoftware brand, Elibrium, Inc. will expand the company's product offering to include a new line of Palm productivity titles available at retail in July.

"We are pleased to announce this acquisition by Elibrium, Inc. and feel confident that this will result in what will be a stronger, more focused business. We look forward to offering an even broader selection of productivity solutions and a higher level of service to make the day-to-day life of our small business customers easier and more efficient," said Christina Willett, President and CEO of Elibrium, Inc.

For over ten years, Elibrium has partnered with industry leading Office Supply retailers, Application Service Providers (ASP) and software manufacturers. These partnerships are integral to the success of Elibrium in providing co-marketing opportunities and effective distribution of its product and services.

"The Elibrium line of products, including MySoftware, have remained top-selling titles in our small business productivity sector and we plan to look towards Elibrium, Inc. in the future to provide
innovative solutions for our retail customers," remarked Jonathan Magasanik, Senior Vice President of Merchandising at Staples.

"Our partnership with Elibrium has proven to be one of our key strategic alliances and has allowed us an entirely new method of distribution. We are thrilled with this recent news and look forward to continued success," said Edward McLaughlin, CEO of Paytrust, the leading online bill management service.

About Elibrium
Elibrium Inc. provides productivity software and services to simplify home and business life. For more than 14 years, businesses have trusted Elibrium's leading brand, MySoftware, to help grow their business while saving time and money. Elibrium's commitment to empowering small business professionals continues as the company expands and enhances existing services as well as provides new ways to increase business efficiencies through the Web, personal computer and handheld devices. The company has sold over 20 million products since the introduction of its first title. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Elibrium sells products and services at over 7,000 locations. For more information visit