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January 2006

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January 5, 2006


Targeting Both Mac and PC Users, New Applications Maximize the
Utility and Enjoyment of iPod's® Popular Devices

PLEASANTON, CA - January 05, 2006 - Avanquest Publishing USA, a leading developer and publisher of best-selling consumer and business software titles available online and at thousands of retail locations in North America, today announced it is entering the iPod® market with a line of applications designed to enhance the iPod® experience and benefit both iPod® consumers and PodCast creators. The initial titles in the new line include WebPodStudio™, PodPresenter™, iPocketBible™ and iExtend™.

“Avanquest Publishing USA is proud to be partnering with leading software developers who are creating applications specifically for owners of the latest iPod® devices,” said Christina Seelye, president and CEO, Avanquest Publishing USA. “The iPod® phenomenon has created a new market with a broad user base, so there is a growing need to develop and publish user-friendly software that enhances the capabilities of these popular devices. The titles with which we are launching our feature-rich line of iPod® software answer that demand.”

Produce Audio and Video PodCasts with WebPodStudio
Broadcasting “radio” and “television” shows over the Internet has never been easier. WebPodStudio is a perfect solution for PC users who want to create quality PodCasts for business or home use without the technical know-how. Users simply plug in a microphone and a camera and WebPod Studio does the rest. Developed by Lionhardt Technologies, the easy-to-use program automatically detects all audio and video devices on the computer and the Studio Director Wizard offers a step-by-step tutorial of the PodCasting process. A built-in teleprompter ensures that users will know what to say and when to say it for a flawless broadcast. PodCast recordings can also be previewed and checked for quality before publishing to the Web.

The software handles the entire process of publishing generated data and includes an integrated RSS support to create and maintain feeds, providing subscribers the ability to download the PodCast as soon as it’s available. WebPodStudio also supports iTunes® RSS so users can browse and locate the PodCast feed from the iTunes music store. With its auto pinging feature, all the blognews/RSS index services are alerted each time a PodCast is uploaded. WebPodStudio is compatible with Apple's new iPod® Video 5G and is priced at $49.95.

Create, View and Share Slide Presentations from the iPod® with PodPresenter
PodPresenter by ThinkFree, Inc. transforms the iPod® into a portable PowerPoint graphics system. Users can create new slide presentations or edit and view existing slides simply by plugging the iPod® into any Windows or Mac machine. Easy to install, PodPresenter runs directly from the iPod® so users don't always need to carry a laptop. All files can be conveniently transported and saved for review anywhere at any time. Using the same file format, user-interface and features of Microsoft PowerPoint, PodPresenter provides all the necessary tools to create a variety of professional presentations including text, images, clipart, charts, animated effects, built-in templates and much more. PodPresenter is priced at $29.95.

Listen to and Read the Bible on the iPod® with iPocketBible
Ideal for devotional reading and serious study, iPocketBible provides the complete and unabridged text and audio recording of The Holy Bible, New Living Translation. Professionally narrated, and featuring original music and sound effects, iPocketBible by Laridian is enjoyable to listen to and easy to understand. For Windows and Mac users, the program also works with iTunes and installation is as simple as transferring songs to the iPod®. Users can simply click and drag text of specific books or chapters of interest, or import the entire Bible for listening and reading. The program also syncs the text with audio so users can read and listen to selected passages at the same time. iPocketBible is priced at $39.95.

Back up Music, Photos and Files on the iPod® with iExtend
With the iExtend synchronization tool, PC users who are constantly on the move can stay organized and access emails, notes, calendars, contacts and important digital files while listening to music. iExtend by Memeo features SmartPicks, which will automatically locate and back-up specific documents and file types for subsequent use on the iPod®. The software also keeps track of multiple file versions and immediately archives and restores these files once the iPod® is reconnected to the computer. iExtend is priced at $29.95.

About Avanquest Publishing USA
Avanquest Publishing USA is a resource to many of the world's top software developers, offering a complete range of production, supply chain management and marketing resources and immediate access to the consumer, small business and corporate markets. Headquartered in Pleasanton, CA, Avanquest Publishing USA has established channels of distribution, including retail, online, reseller and OEM. Avanquest Publishing USA is part of Avanquest Software, a leading international software developer and publisher that was founded in Paris in 1984. Avanquest Software has established long-standing relationships and a local presence on five continents and across all channels of distribution in markets covering nearly 90% of the world’s total software sales. Avanquest Software is listed on the Nouveau Marché of the Euronext stock exchange (ISIN FR0004026714). For additional information, please visit and

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