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October 2006

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For Immediate Release
October 31, 2006


New MyAttorney Home & Business and WillCreator Deluxe Enable Easy, Affordable Creation of Legal Documents
for Individuals, Families & Small Businesses

PLEASANTON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Avanquest Software, a leading developer and publisher of business and consumer software for the global PC market, today announced the release into major retail outlets across North America of its MyAttorney Home & Business and WillCreator™ Deluxe software for individuals and small businesses seeking legal forms and guidance at the fraction of an attorney's cost.

Now available throughout the U.S. and Canada at CompUSA, Office Depot, Office Max, Staples and other leading retail outlets, MyAttorney Home & Business and WillCreator Deluxe provide small businesses, individuals and families an affordable alternative to high-priced legal counsel in preparing contracts and legal forms, as well as family estate planning and will preparation for all 50 U.S. states. MyAttorney Home & Business has a suggested retail price (SRP) of $39.95, while WillCreator Deluxe has an SRP of $29.95.

MyAttorney Home & Business allows users to access more than 1,000 up-to-date legal forms, letters and planning worksheets for business and personal finance, employment, healthcare, powers of attorney, real estate, child care, divorce and other legal matters that affect both home and business. WillCreator Deluxe provides families and individuals with such easy-to-use legal forms as final wills, living trusts, powers of attorney, final arrangements and other documents essential to protecting themselves and the future security of their families and dependents.

"Avanquest is pleased to present its award-winning MyAttorney Home & Business and WillCreator Deluxe software as an affordable alternative to prohibitive attorney's fees, enabling individuals, families and small businesses to generate legal documents for use in every state in the nation," said Anne Anderson, Executive Vice President, Avanquest Software Productivity Division. "MyAttorney Home & Business and WillCreator Deluxe provide ready access to forms, tips and tools that will guide even those who have never filed a legal form before safely through the process of creating binding legal documents for use in countless everyday family, financial and business situations."

MyAttorney Home & Business provides users with more than 1,000 templates for a wide variety of legal contracts, forms and other documents and enables them to decipher complicated "legalese" language through access to the more than 7,000 legal definitions in The Plain Legal Law Library and instant advice from The 21st Century Family Legal Guide.

WillCreator Deluxe provides access to more than 230 documents, letters and worksheets dealing with wills, trusts and powers of attorney that help individuals distribute assets to family, friends and charities after they have gone. Comprehensive information on living wills and trusts, financial and medical power of attorney, estate planning and estate administration empowers individuals and families to make the right choices without getting caught up in probate and costly attorney fees and court costs.

Additional key features of MyAttorney Home & Business and WillCreator Deluxe include:

  • Business and Personal Document Creation Wizards, that let users easily generate custom contracts and forms specifically designed for their personal or small business use;
  • Online Updates that let users automatically update legal documents as changes to the law in their state occur;
  • PDF Export capabilities, enabling users to save documents to Adobe PDF format for easy printing and electronic sharing;
  • Password protection and encryption that keeps business and personal documents secure and confidential.

MyAttorney Home and Business and WillCreator Deluxe are also available online at The software is compatible with desktop and laptop PCs running Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP operating systems.

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