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August 2007

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For Immediate Release
August 15, 2007


Avanquest’s Software Transfers Data to New Hard Drives and Erases Personal Information on Discarded PCs

PLEASANTON,Calif., August 15, 2007 — Avanquest Software, one of the leading developers and publishers of small business and consumer software for the global PC market, today announced the North American launch of Disk Copy & Clean, designed to safely copy and transfer programs, settings, user preferences and data contained on an old hard drive to a new one. In addition, with just a single click, data can be permanently removed from an old drive or computer, thereby safeguarding personal information and past computer activity. Available for only $29.95, Disk Copy & Clean is affordably priced for families watching their back-to-school budget.

“As more consumers and families upgrade computers, Avanquest’s Disk Copy & Clean eliminates the headaches of transferring data and gives peace of mind by seamlessly transferring information onto a new hard drive,” said Brad Crystal, Vice President of Marketing, Avanquest USA. “The affordable price and suite of features provides great value to consumers.”

The product’s comprehensive capabilities make it essential for students who are upgrading computers with new hard drives before they go back-to-school. The user-friendly interface includes the Copy Wizard, which with one click, easily copies all of the contents of an old hard drive to a new one. In addition to copying all programs, files, and personal settings, the software has the added capability to transfer the entire operating system of an old hard drive to a new one, eliminating the need to purchase and reinstall additional software.

The software scans the old hard drive before migrating information and provides an alert if are any risks in transferring the data. Disk Copy & Clean provides the option to either copy the entire hard drive or specific contents, including selected partitions. The software also saves time by automatically expanding partitions on the new hard drive proportionally to the allocations created on the old drive.

Safeguard Your Personal Information

Disk Copy & Clean ensures data on a hard drive is truly erased and unrecoverable and exceeds the security standards established by the United States Department of Defense. The software provides a safe solution for consumers who want to dispose of an old hard drive or computer, but want to safeguard their identity. While many erasing techniques such as deleting files, folders, formatting or even partitions, don’t successfully remove all of the data from being recovered on a hard drive, Disk Copy & Clean completely overwrites the data and wipes the hard drive clean.

The software’s certificate of erasure, which confirms the hard drive was completely erased, provides added assurance that personal information is truly unrecoverable. In addition to its ease-of-use, Disk Copy & Clean requires no installation, as it runs automatically from the CD and supports all versions of the Windows operating system, including Windows Vista. The software works with all USB drives, making it easy to copy important programs and information to an external hard drive.

Disk Copy & Clean is available at or through major retailers across the nation.

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