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March 2007

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For Immediate Release
March 21, 2007


Award-Winning Software Publisher Introduces an Affordable, Complete Solution to Copy, Restore and Clone Data

PLEASANTON, Calif., March 21, 2007 — For a growing number of computer users, finding an affordable and innovative solution to protect their operating system and important data such as work files, financial records, contact information, photos and music has become a top priority. Avanquest Software, one of the leading developers and publishers of business and consumer software for the global PC market, is addressing this need with the release today of Perfect Image Professional, a complete solution to safely copy, restore and clone data.

By creating an exact image of a computer's hard drive, including the operating system and applications, Perfect Image Professional enables PC users to instantly restore their entire computer or individual files in the event of a system crash, virus attack, or theft. Beyond its comprehensive protection and restoration features, Perfect Image Professional distinguishes itself with category-leading technology at an affordable price of $49.95. Its release marks the newest utility software from the makers of the award-winning Fix-It Utilities Professional and System Suite Professional.

"Perfect Image Professional is one of the most innovative data backup and disaster recovery software products on the market, delivering a complete and automatic solution for both home and small business PC users," said Scott Feldstein, Vice President, Avanquest Software Utilities Division. "We believe this product offers a superior value to consumers by providing an extensive package of data protection features."

One of Perfect Image Professional's most notable data protection features is its ability to create a secure environment, thereby enabling users to store existing drive images safely and prevent the possibility of corruption or accidental deletion. From the secure environment, users can easily restore any saved image in the event their computer becomes unbootable.

Perfect Image Professional works in real-time, posing no conflict with any applications that may be running concurrently, and does not require the user to reboot the computer. In addition, images can be stored on almost any media format, including local, external and network hard drives; DVDs and CDs; as well as a wide variety of other USB and FireWire storage devices.

Computer users will benefit from the added convenience of a built-in scheduler that automatically creates a backup image of the entire hard drive. In addition, Perfect Image Professional can automatically back up individual files and folders whenever a file is changed. To maximize space and save time, the backup feature can be modified to create images of only new information or changes made since the last back up. As an additional safeguard, the software gives users the ability to back up and repair the Master Boot Record in situations where the computer is unbootable as a result of malware or system corruption.

Perfect Image Professional makes data restoration and recovery fast and easy with the ability to browse backup images and restore separate files, folders, entire partitions or hard drives. For added assurance, Perfect Image Professional comes with a powerful recovery CD that allows users to recover from disaster should their computer no longer start.

Perfect Image Professional also includes disk cloning capabilities to easily replace or upgrade your existing hard drive, ensuring your important data, applications, settings and operating system remain intact.

Perfect Image Professional is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 2000 Pro and Windows XP Home or Professional (32 bit only). The software requires an Intel Pentium 300MHz processor or higher, at least 128 MB of RAM and 40 MB of free disk space.

Perfect Image Professional is now available nationwide at major U.S. software retailers and online at

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