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November 2007

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For Immediate Release
November 8, 2007


New Fix-It Utilities 8 Takes a Comprehensive and Affordable Approach to PC Diagnostics, Maintenance, Repairs and Protection

PLEASANTON,Calif., November 8, 2007 - Whether your PC is slowing down, crashing or simply not booting, restoring it to its former health is now easier and more reliable than ever. Avanquest Software, one of the leading developers and publishers of small business and consumer software for the global PC market, today announced the launch of Fix-It Utilities 8 Professional, equipped with even more features to provide PC users with the most comprehensive package of diagnostics, maintenance, repair and protection tools. With Fix-It Utilities 8 Professional, PC owners will get speed, power, performance and the ability to find and prevent problems before they occur. A premiere repair and maintenance utility for PCs, Fix-It Utilities 8 Professional has a suggested retail price of $39.95.

“Fix-It Utilities is one of the best-selling software products on the market and we are excited to bring computer users even more value with innovative new features that will further improve PC performance, said Ryan Smith, Director of Product Marketing, Avanquest USA. “Just like a car, computers also need regular checkups to maintain ultimate performance and Fix-It Utilities 8 Professional provides an incredible suite of tools at a price that consumers and small businesses can readily afford.”

With more than 40 utilities, Fix-It Utilities 8 provides PC users with a comprehensive selection of tools to diagnose, repair, protect and optimize computer performance.

Preventing PC Failures
A new feature to the software, the Active Intelligence Monitor continuously assesses the PC’s security status to ensure protection, with no effort from the user. By proactively monitoring the health and security of a computer’s hard drive, Fix-It Utilities can detect and even eliminate potential threats and problems before they occur. With the software’s comprehensive diagnostic tools, it’s easier for computer users to see what is happening when something goes wrong with their PC, helping to prevent computer catastrophes and reducing repair time.

Maintaining Performance
Fix-It Utilities makes it easy for computer users to know which applications are running and how much of an impact any particular program or process is having on their computer and slowing it down. The software’s new System Optimizer tunes computers to keep them running at optimum performance. With this new technology users can select profiles to optimize their systems for certain PC tasks, such as gaming, multimedia, office tasks and security. With just one click the PC is optimized for maximum performance.

The software’s Windows Startup Manager enables computer users to choose the programs, services and drivers that automatically run when starting their PC. By selecting only the items needed, and disabling or removing unnecessary ones, computer users can increase the startup and shutdown times as well as improve their system’s overall performance.

Fix-It Utilities also helps to clean and optimize a computer’s Windows registry, which can become overloaded with unnecessary information about settings and options for software, hardware and preferences. The software’s Registry Cleaner, reduces the size of a computer’s registry and helps increase responsiveness.

Fix-It Utilities also provides users with antivirus and anti-spyware features, for additional PC protection. The software’s VirusScanner and EasyUpdate features work together to routinely monitor for new viruses and provide the most current antivirus and anti-spyware protection available. The software’s antivirus wizards enable users to be in the driver’s seat and manage their PC protection, by running only the virus and spyware scans that fit their needs.

Fix-It Utilities’ One-Click Wizard Tools enable even the average computer user to easily perform a complete check-up, cleaning, and optimization of their PC. By setting the wizards to automatically run scheduled maintenance, computer users can keep their PC clean of viruses and running at its peak performance.

Recovering and Protecting Data
In addition to its diagnostic and optimizing tools, Fix-It Utilities helps recover and protect computer data. Fix-It Utilities’ File Undeleter can recover deleted files, photos, music, video, email and more. When it’s time to permanently delete personal information, the software’s File Shredder can securely erase data from the hard drive, ensuring the information is completely unrecoverable. This new file shredding function exceeds the United States Department of Defense security cleaning standards.

Fix-It Utilities 8 Professional supports Windows 2000, XP and Vista operating systems and is available at or through major retailers across the nation.

About Avanquest Software
Avanquest Software, a global developer and leading publisher in more than 100 countries, provides consumers and small businesses with award-winning software for PC maintenance, office productivity, communications and mobility. Avanquest Software’s presence in North America, consisting of Avanquest USA and Nova Development, places it among the top six retail software publishers in the United States. With more than 175 software titles, the combined companies offer one of the largest and most diversified product portfolios in the software industry, available at more than 10,000 U.S. retail locations, on the Web, and through OEM partnerships. More information about the company is available at and