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November 2007

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For Immediate Release
November 8, 2007


System Suite Protects Against Online Fraud and Phishing Scams, Viruses and Malicious Websites

PLEASANTON,Calif., November 8, 2007 - Avanquest Software, one of the leading developers and publishers of small business and consumer software for the global PC market, today announced the launch of System Suite 8 Professional, designed to maintain and protect PCs, ensuring they continue to run as smoothly as the day of purchase. In one comprehensive package, System Suite 8 Professional enables computer users to block viruses, spyware and hackers, protect against spam, diagnose PC problems and recover lost data. System Suite 8 Professional comes with more than 60 powerful tools and three user licenses at a suggested retail price of $49.95.

“System Suite is a complete and vital collection of security and maintenance tools in one affordable package, ideal for small businesses and households with up to three PCs,” said Ryan Smith, Director of Product Marketing, Avanquest USA. “With online identity theft and Internet fraud on the rise, the optimization and maintenance tools of System Suite are essential in safeguarding information and maintaining the privacy of personal computers.”

Advanced PC Protection
System Suite 8 Professional leads the way in securing and maintaining the health of the PC. The software includes a complete security package with antivirus, anti-spyware and anti-spam features. The software’s VirusScanner and EasyUpdate features work together to routinely monitor for new viruses and provide the most current antivirus and anti-spyware protection available. The software’s antivirus wizards enable users to be in the driver’s seat and manage their PC protection, by running only the virus and spam scans that fit their needs.

New to System Suite’s security package is WebDefense, a unique feature that integrates with major search engines to identify and block malicious websites before they’re clicked, protecting against hacked pages, phishing and fraudulent scams.

System Suite also offers NetDefense firewall software, which provides a higher level of protection than the basic firewall available on Windows Vista and XP computers. System Suite’s firewall provides enhanced security and controls with both inbound and outbound port protection, advanced logging capabilities and a built-in list of good and bad programs that are used when setting permissions for applications that try to access a PC’s network connection.

Managing Data
In addition to its security features, System Suite offers optimization and utility tools to easily tune up the hard drive, enhance Windows startup, fix registry problems, restore a non-booting PC and recover data. System Suite’s new Active Intelligence Monitor automatically monitors and checks the health and security status of PCs ensuring they are always protected. The software makes it easy for computer users to optimize their PCs with its new System Optimizer. PC owners can optimize their computers for special tasks such as gaming, multimedia or office use.

System Suite’s built-in Recovery Commander enables computer users to restore a non-booting PC back to normal. Fully integrated and enhanced, Recovery Commander includes the ability to save and restore Windows XP and Vista checkpoints, making it easy to restore a PC back to a past configuration. The software includes advanced features that provide the ability to see selected checkpoint differences with the current system and choose specific items to restore.

System Suite’s File Shredder makes it easy to permanently delete data from a computer’s hard drive, helping to protect private information. File Shredder meets the U.S. Department of Defense security cleaning standards, ensuring that erased data is completely unrecoverable. System Suite 8 Professional supports Windows 2000, XP and Vista operating systems and is available at or through major retailers across the nation.

About Avanquest Software
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