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Buy WillCreator Deluxe: Professional Guidance for Will Creation.

Do you want to protect your loved ones and to share your wishes for the future with your family but are discouraged by the significant legal fees and time investment required to do it? WillCreator Deluxe provides you easy-to-use, comprehensive, and professional legal tools to help you create wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and all the estate planning documents you need at a fraction of an attorney's cost.

See What WillCreator Has to Offer:

  • 230+ Documents, Letters, & Worksheets
  • Estate Planning Companion
  • Simple Intuitive Interview Process
  • Keyword Search
  • Personal Document Creation Wizard
  • The 21st Century Family Legal Guide
  • Easy Online Updates
  • Password Protection & Encryption for Your Personal Documents
  • Save Documents to PDF
  • Valid in all 50 States*

All the Legal Documents You Need to Plan & Protect Your Estate

Estate Planning
Living Trust
Living Trust - Joint
Living Will
Living Will - Revocation
Power of Attorney
Estate Planning Worksheet . . . and more!
Personal Finance
401K Roll Over
Bankruptcy Worksheet
Dispute Fraudulent Bank Transaction
Dispute Fraudulent Credit Card Transaction
Insurance Claim Dental Information
Social Security Earnings & Benefits Letter
Response to IRS Penalty . . . and more!
Family, Health & Medical
Daycare Contract
Medical Claims
Eldercare Agreement
Medical Treatment Authorization for a Minor
Education Cost Worksheet . . . and more!

* Estate planning documents are not valid in Louisiana.  This program is not a substitute for legal advice from an attorney.  We have done our best to give you useful, accurate legal information, but that is not the same as personalized legal advice.  If you want help understanding how the law applies to your particular circumstances or deciding which documents are the best for you, you should see a qualified attorney.